Variety Of South Carolina

South Carolina is a very geographically different state. In the west, it is mountainous and covered in woodlands. The eastern part is made up of ocean, sand, and barrier islands. It’s amazing contrast across the state makes it something of a unique gem.

So, when people say that they are going to move here, whether to retire, or relocate, it’s important to find out the terrain so they can prepare themselves. Are they going to be in a home that’s carved out of a mountain top, along with a bunch of antiques on an old farm?

Or, are they more likely to stick with lakes and streams? Others are more interested in sand and a nice surf, and seafood. That’s part of the fun in traveling throughout or living in South Carolina.

There’s something to be said for the variety. It just makes it easier to decide between living here and living in a land locked state, or one that’s even one foot farther north (and colder).

There are also some great cities where many people like to visit and move to, such as Charleston, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, Columbia, or Greenville. Each will have its own flavor, style, and things that people both love and are irked by their local government, neighbors, and the like.

Be on the lookout for each of these before settling on a new place to call home. Even a vacation can be made less appealing if you just find yourself in Myrtle Beach during, say, college spring break, when you are nearing retirement.

Always check out the local calendars before booking hotels, flights, and making finalized travel plans. Then you might just find yourself having a more peaceful vacation.

Look at who you will be traveling with as a way to decide where you want to stay, where you want to go, and how you will get there. If it’s with a lot of young kids, you might find that a townhouse is better than a motel.

Those are just a handful of considerations before heading out to any part of South Carolina for your next vacation, or place to live. Look at the weather for an idea of if you will like the typical temperatures that time of year. Some parts of the year may have particular festivals, events, and other attractions that make visits and residing in a particular place more appealing.