The Village Of Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek is a village that is in New York State. The village is in Chautauqua County, and is situated in the eastern side of the county. As of the 2010 census, the village has a population of 461. The Village of Cherry Creek is in fact located in the town of Cherry Creek. The village sits on Route 83 in New York state, and a creek of the same name flows through the village.


The village received its name from Joshua Bentley. A cherry sapling was placed in the center of the village to mark its location. Bentley named the stream, village and town all Cherry Creek.

After the lots were cut, Cherry Creek was officially formed in 1928. Pioneers traveled to the area and settled once they saw the land was fertile with virgin timber and an endless water supply.

The very first road in the town was created by following the trails from the forest to the Kennedyville. As the town continued to grow, plank roads and corduroy roads were created in the wet areas of the village.


There are many attractions in Cherry Creek that keep visitors returning every year to the quaint village. Outdoor enthusiasts can appreciate kayaking, canoeing and fishing in the summer time at the Dredge. A visit during the winter will provide the opportunity to go snowmobiling on the trails that are connected throughout the county.

Cherry Creek has an abundance of Amish shops that offer goods including baked goods, quilts, woodworking, leather and iron works. Enjoy one of the several Amish tours and trails that are available.

Finally, there are newly constructed horse trails that will be continually improved and upgraded over the next few years. These seasonal trails will ultimately connect to each other and create one of the largest trail systems in the state.

Cherry Creek is an ideal location for families. It offers numerous year-round activities for the entire family to enjoy.