North Charleston Housing Authority reopens wait list for four apartment complexes

Buskirk Apartment for the elderly in North Charleston. Leroy Burnell/Staff

The North Charleston Housing Authority will reopen wait lists for low-income housing Dec. 27.

Buskirk Apartments will accept a maximum of 200 applications for one-bedroom units for families or individuals age 62 or older. There is currently one vacant unit at Buskirk, director of housing operations Briggitt Harris said.

Liberty Hill apartments will accept a maximum of 135 applicants for three- and four-bedroom units.

Alston Lake Apartments, Birchwood Apartments and Phoenix Apartments are managed by Atlanta-based CF Real Estate Services and offer a handful of low-income units. Because the apartments offer low-income housing, the city’s Housing Authority is required to maintain wait lists for those units, Harris said.

Alston Lake and Birchwood, which are located near Boeing, will accept a maximum of 200 applications for two- and three-bedroom units. Phoenix, located near the former Navy base, will accept a maximum of 100 applications for one-, two- and four-bedroom units.

People should apply online at, unless they have a disability that limits their ability to access the application. If that is the case, they can come to the Housing Authority from 9 a.m.-noon Dec. 27. The Housing Authority is located at 2170 Ashley Phosphate Road, unit #700.

Requests for disability accommodations received after Dec. 27 will not be processed and the Housing Authority can determine whether the disability limits one’s access to the online application.

Before someone applies, they will need to have several pieces of information at the ready, Harris said.

Applicants must provide their name, a physical address, a home or mobile phone number and a Social Security number.

"Anybody can apply," Harris said. "It doesn’t matter if someone is currently receiving assistance."

Those who have internet access can provide an email address for confirmation that the application was approved. The Housing Authority will review each application in the order in which they are received.

"We go through the wait list pretty rapidly," Harris said. "Tenants either do not qualify or they do not do the follow through. … Update your contact information and keep it current with us."

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