What You Need To Know About South Carolina

South Carolina has been rated as the home to a few of the most romantic and beautiful places in the United States. Forests, mountains, beaches and lakes, South Carolina has everything you could ever want out of a vacation destination. Here are a few things that may interest you in South Carolina before you come for a visit.

•There Are No “Really” Big Cities

The “big cities” in South Carolina are not very big, but at the same time this is what makes Greenville and Charleston such ideal, Southern treasures.

•The Sweet Teas Are Delicious

From the Chick-fil-A to a cute roadside-stop, sweet tea is one of the favorites and South Carolina has plenty. Once you have tasted one of these teas you will rarely go back to iced tea or unsweetened teas again.

•Professional Sports Versus College Sports

Everyone who lives in South Carolina is well aware that college sports are far better when compared to the professionals. When you decide to visit don’t be disturbed by the absence of the professional sports teams. In addition, the “Go Cocks”, T-shirts are not inappropriate they are all about school spirit.

•The Blue Ridge Mountains Should Be On Your List Of Things To See

Sometimes named the “secret state treasure”, these mountains can be viewed best from Caesar’s Head, Table Rock. You can also choose to take a drive following the Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Highway that is full of lookouts.

•Grits Are The Rule

Forget about cream-of-wheat, oatmeal and cereal, in South Carolina grits is the favorite. In South Carolina grits are preferred with cheese, shrimp and loads of butter. However, if you happen to see bumper stickers on cars that say “G.R.I.T.S rule” this actually stands for “Girls Raised In The South.”

•Carolina Cup Is Ideal For “Horsing” Around

If you happen to be visiting in spring, the social calendar revolves mainly around horses. The Marsh Tacky races and Polo matches are really fun, but the Carolina Cup is the true event for “horsing” around. The Carolina Cup set in Camden has been one of South Carolina’s traditions since the year 1932. The guys sport bow ties and the ladies dress in Lilly and just about no-one really watches the race.

•The Golf Tournaments Are Fun

If you visit in the month of April, make sure you make your way to Hilton Head Island for the RBC Heritage golf tournament. Enjoy the actual golf game, and stay on to enjoy the charm that Harbour Town has to offer with a chance to enjoy drinks on the 19th Hole.