Denver’s planned ballot measures asking voters to approve borrowing for city projects could grow to as much as $900 million because of new tax assessments, a city finance official said Tuesday.

The new projected range — $800 million to $900 million — is a heady increase from the $500 million to $600 million in projected bond capacity previously cited by Mayor Michael Hancock’s administration.

But that was before new property valuations were released Tuesday by metro area assessors.

While city officials say they’re aiming to ask voters in November to simply extend the same property tax rate used to repay the previous package of bond projects, approved in 2007, property values shot up in the new assessments. That means the same rate would raise significantly more money.

It’s welcome news for committees of Denver residents that for weeks have scrutinized long lists of potential transportation, parks, cultural and municipal building projects, each one backed by fans in city government and the community. They’ll be weighing priorities for road projects and bike lanes, long-sought libraries and recreation centers, new police and fire stations, and other needs large and small.

The higher target range could allow them to include more projects.

But another consideration will face an executive committee that in coming weeks will cull the four stakeholder committees’ list of recommended projects — as well as Hancock and the City Council: Will voters approve such a big price tag?

After all, even if the proposed tax rate for the bonds remains the same in the new 10-year plan, many homeowners would perceive it as a tax increase — because they’d be paying more.

“We’ve seen some historic growth numbers,” Denver’s chief financial officer, Brendan Hanlon, told The Denver Post. “I think we just want to be cautious and make sure they’re sustainable. … There’s going to be a greater affordability conversation that I’m sure we’ll be having — especially for those neighborhoods that have seen the steepest (assessment) increases,” which have tended to hit lower-income neighborhoods hardest.

Hanlon said the revised projection for bonding capacity takes into account the new property valuations, which cover a two-year period through June 2016, as well as other factors such as a state law requiring adjustments between commercial and residential values. That law will deliver some tax relief to homeowners.

In values to be used as the basis for 2018 property tax bills, the median single-family home’s value in Denver will increase by nearly 26 percent. Assessment increases amount to 45 percent for the median multi-family property and 20 percent for the median commercial property.

Hanlon has been briefing council members about the new projections and planned to present the information to the 2017 bond issue executive committee at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.

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J.C. Spink, the Hollywood film producer one half of the management and production company Benderspink, who was a machine when it came to script sales, has died, it was confirmed by the Medical Examiner. No cause of death was released. He was 45.

Spink and Bender were college roommates who started the management company and built it into a reputable firm before Spink left last May in an acrimonious departure. He and was credited for The Hangover movies and David Cronenberg’s A History Of Violence.

Spink and Benderspink partner Chris Bender dissolved the company after an 18-year run that saw a slew of hits for its swath of A-list writers. He died Tuesday night at his home in West Hollywood, according to his brother Brian. No cause of death was immediately known. We spoke to Spink many times here at Deadline and he was always promoting his clients with passionate enthusiasm. He also liked to live on the edge and in the past had some problems with addiction.

“We started Benderspink in our late 20s almost 18 years ago,” the pair said in a joint statement at the time of the breakup. “We could not be more proud of what we’ve worked on together and are excited for the next chapter in each of our lives.”

Spink’s producer credits included The Hangover and The Ring franchises, We’re The Millers, I Am Number Four, Monster-In-Law, The Butterfly Effect, Cats and Dogs and last year’s Criminal starring Kevin Costner and Ryan Reynolds.

Spink also was an actor, well sort of. He had cameos in two episodes of Adam Goldberg’s The Goldbergs. Spink was also a former schoolmate of Goldberg who had written a character with his name into the show.

For this round of Colorado restaurants, I am taking you to the town of Colorado Springs. There are over 1400 restaurants there, and I’m going to make sure you know where to grab a great bite to eat. Let’s stop by three of the best restaurants, and when we do, you’re going to see why you want to visit these establishments in person. That’s enough beating around the bush, so let’s get to our first stop in Colorado Springs.

The first restaurant we are going to visit together is Caspian Cafe Mediterranean. It is located on Sinton Road, and the menu features chicken, prime rib, sea bass and much more. Reviewers talk about how this restaurant indeed serves up authentic Mediterranean food and nothing but, so this is your chance to give it a shot. It is the #2 ranked restaurant in Colorado Springs right now according to a top travel site.

The next restaurant we are going to stop by is Marigold Cafe & Bakery. It is located on Centennial Boulevard, and it is known for its mousse cake, among other things. Not only is this a top rated establishment, but it is both a cafe for food and a bakery. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a place with great food that will make the whole family happy.

Then there is Pizzeria Rustica, and it is on West Colorado Avenue. Order some pizza, gelato, salads or whatever you like. You can even eat outdoors on the patio, and guess what, you can bring the dog. That sounds like a great place to eat at while on vacation. You have been shown three great restaurants in Colorado Springs, so you know the picks that won’t disappoint. Take yourself to those places so it isn’t a hit or miss elsewhere.

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CHICAGO — It’s No. 1 vs. No. 2, again. It’s the National Collegiate Hockey Conference regular-season champion against the NCHC tournament champion. It’s the two best teams from December, and now. It’s Denver and Duluth — fittingly.
In a quintessential NCAA title game Saturday night at the United Center, the top-seeded Pioneers (32-7-4) take on the No. 2 Bulldogs of Minnesota Duluth (28-6-7) in a win-win situation for the Colorado Springs-based NCHC. The country’s most competitive conference had the country’s top-two ranked teams most of the season, and the sport’s final game of the season is a rematch of the two-game series at Magness Arena in December, when UMD was ranked No.1 and DU was No. 2. […]

Denver Nuggets at Miami Heat, 4 p.m., Sunday, ALT2, NBATV, 950 AM
Spotlight on Hassan Whiteside: The former second-round draft pick is blossoming into a dominant two-way center in Miami. Whiteside is averaging a career-high 16.8 points per game and leads the NBA in rebounding at 14.1 per game. He had 25 points, 16 rebounds and four blocks during a win in Denver on Nov. 30, and the 7-footer, who signed a four-year contract for roughly $98 million last summer, is averaging 18.9 points in his last 10 games, helping the Heat surge into the playoff picture in the Eastern Conference after a rocky start to the season. […]